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July 13, 2009

Hey guys.  Some sad news.....

We will not be playing at Country Camping this year due to some miscommunication and scheduling.

Sorry about that :(. But of course, you know that means you'll have to come out to the Chaos Metal Festival and rock your brains out.


See you there!

July 10, 2009
We regret to inform ya'll that we will not be attending the Tillsonburg Fair show this year on August 15th because.......................................

WE ARE DOING A SHOW IN ALBERTA! Well we are working out all the details anyway and hope that everything works out. We are looking at August 14th and maybe a show on the 15th if we can get something together in Saskatchewan or Manitoba. So if any of you are from Saskatchewan or Manitoba and you want us to come to your town, hook us up!!

July 10, 2009

New shirts are in!  It's a white shirt this time with a bleeding heart on it (check facebook profile pic).

There is only a limited run of this design, so come on out to our shows before they're gone FOREVER!!  We will be printing a new design, exclusively for girls (unless you're ok with wearing a girl's shirt) which we will be posting soon.  Don't worry guys, more designs are coming and maybe some hoodies too!